JLB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

JLB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

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  • Integrated design of removing dust and drying, compact structure, small floor space, high thermal efficiency;
  • Modular design, a variety of layouts can be selected, suitable for narrow, complex, irregular site installation, the area is reduced by 33% compared to the traditional structure;
  • Independent development of dual frequency conversion burner, combustion efficiency is higher, oil adaptability is stronger;
  • Wind and dust suppression, micro fog dust, plasma purification and the process of closing a number of environmental protection technology, effectively solve the dust, smoke and noise pollution (optional);
  • The first "hot asphalt" technology, realizing the pitch of "fresh", save fuel, shorten production period, just ahead of 30 start conducting oil furnace, can be put into production (optional);


Model JLB2000
 Theoretical productivity(m³/h) 160
 Mixer  capacity(kg) 2000
 Power(kW) 2x30
Weight hopper capacity  Stone agg.(kg) 2000
 Powder(kg) 300
 Asphalt(kg) 240
Weighing accuracy  Sand-gravel agg. ±0.5%
 Powder ±0.5%
 Asphalt ±0.2%
 Temp. Control accuracy ≤±5
 Efficiency of dust collector(mg/nm³) ≤100
Total loading volume(kW) 400


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