Bolted Type Cement Silo

Bolted Type Cement Silo

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Hua Ning has been manufacturing bolted and welded type cement silos. HUANING Cement Silos are manufactured in various capacities which are 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons and 100 tons. We can also customized according to customer requirements. HUANING Cement Silos provide many advantages especially in transportation. For instance, 2 units 100 tons bolted type cement silo can be transported by only 1 unit 40 feet high container.
The parts of the cement silos are manufactured in high quality by means of special moulds, apparatus system and the welding robot which has sensitive detectors. All parts of cement silos are being painted with epoxy primer and epoxy top coat paint in special paint booths which have advanced technology. 

1. Perfect sealing assures its efficient working performance
2. Environment friendly design: it is equipped with filter which can reduce the air pollution
3. Bolted cement silo is especially suitable for loading into containers and exporting to overseas
4. Can be customized


Model Tank Diameter (m) Cone Height (m) Tank Height (m) Landing Leg Height (m) Overall Height(m)
30 T 3 2.5 2.5 2 8
50 T 3 2.5 5 2 10.5
60 T 3 2.5 6 2 11.5
80 T 3 2.5 7.5 2 13
100 T 3 2.5 9.3 2 14.8
150 T 3.2 3 13.5 2 19.5


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