What are the advantages and using range of the JS concrete mixer?

Jun 07, 2018
In recent years, global economy has been rapidly expanding, the acceleration of infrastructure construction and the need for building materials have further affected the market of concrete mixing equipment. As concrete production equipment, concrete mixers have become one of the essential equipment for construction sites. The concrete mixer can also be provided as supporting equipment for the batching plant. It can be applied to all types of large, medium and small precast factory and industrial, civil construction projects such as roads, bridges, waterways, and wharves. It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, and fluidity. Concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, and various types of mortar. It is high-efficiency and widely used.
The JS series of concrete mixers have been prevalent in the market in recent years. What advantages does the JS concrete mixer have? Why does it allow the JS concrete mixer to take a place in the mixer equipment?
1. High efficiency. Concrete batching plant after more than 10 years ’development in China , experienced a period of ‘ introduction - digestion - parts of the domestic production - all domestic production - improve the technology, continuous improvement in production ’, such as JS series concrete mixers, it can produce different forms of concrete.
2.Reliable. High chromium-manganese alloy resistant materials are used for mixing blades. The shaft end supports and seals adopt unique multiple seals or hermetic seals, which greatly improves the reliability of the mixer.
3. Long service life. for impact, vulnerable parts, such as hoppers, transition buckets, wear-resistant steel plate was used in the inner part to strengthen it, ring-shaped belt will be vulcanization-bonded at the joint, extending the life of the concrete mixer.
4. High degree of automation. From JS500 to JS3000 can be fully automatic continuous production for a long time, only need to monitor and control the operation in the control room to complete the entire production process.
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