Can the concrete mixing plant run continuously throughout the day?

Apr 22, 2019
In order to continuously work 24 hours a day, the concrete mixing station must have the characteristics of accurate measurement, high reliability, uniform mixing, convenient operation, good environmental protection, high production power, and at the same time, it can realize the automatic ratio of aggregate, cement and water. Choose advanced computer control system.
Specifically, the concrete mixing station must work under the following conditions:
1. Special powder large-mouth inclined cone and large-mouth spiral feeder to avoid the appearance of the impeller feeder being damp and easy to be blocked.
2. The aggregate hopper is widened. It can be directly loaded with a 50-type loader, so that mixing is not easy.
3. Frequency converter speed regulation, stable and reliable operation, reducing the occurrence of shortcomings and forward operation power.
4. To use the all-intelligent microcomputer control system, the system needs to have shutdown, boot process processing and status viewing.
5. The concrete mixing station should have a single motor driven reducer, which should be able to withstand shock and vibration and have strong anti-overload capability.
If your concrete mixing plant equipment meets the above conditions, you can theoretically work all day without interruption. But is this really reasonable? We all need rest, machinery is no exception. If the machine is overloaded, it will not only increase the failure rate of the machine, but also reduce the service life. Therefore, Lianhua Machinery reminds everyone not to let the mixing station run all day.
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