How to purchase the ideal concrete mixing plant

Jun 12, 2019
There are many types of concrete mixing stations, the production efficiency varies, the quality is uneven, and the cost performance is large. In the face of the mixing station market, many users were at a loss, and ran the manufacturers of mixing stations across the country to investigate and get tired. Lianhua Machinery has the following suggestions for the difficulty of purchasing the mixing station:
1. Fully inspect the construction site. Conduct comprehensive measurements on the construction site and conduct safety inspections on the ground to avoid voids. And whether the surrounding environment is compatible, whether the transportation is convenient, and whether the water source is sufficient.
2. Analyze the task amount and duration of the required concrete. Use these two parameters to choose the mixing station with large specifications, but also consider the transportation of finished concrete, whether it is pumping or vehicle transportation, and its conveying volume is also an important basis for determining the model of the mixing station.
3. Analyze the performance of the required concrete and select the mixer model by its performance.
4. Select the type of the batching machine through the raw material composition of the concrete.
5, to ensure the quality of equipment in consideration of the cost, can not blindly pursue low prices, can not blindly pursue too good, seeking truth from facts.
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