How to reduce the failure rate of concrete mixing plants?

May 13, 2019
In the process of using the concrete mixing station, the most undesired situation of the user is mechanical failure, because once the machine fails, it will not only take time and money to repair, but also delay the progress of the project and increase the production cost. Therefore, Xiaobian shares some ways to reduce the failure rate of concrete mixing plants.
Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the motor
When the motor is in working condition, pay attention to its working position and not be in a state of too bumpy to prevent the motor from being damaged and reducing its service life. Also observe the appearance, check whether the fan is working normally, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the connection of the coupling is reliable, whether the base is fixed and fastened, whether the bearing works abnormally, whether the temperature is normal, whether the current is standard, and pay attention to It is also necessary to check the carbon brush and the slip ring for the wound motor. If any of the above abnormalities occur, the motor repair process should be carried out immediately. If the situation is serious, the overall maintenance must be carried out.
Pay attention to adjusting the component clearance
Operators of concrete mixing plants should always check and adjust the clearance of the components of the concrete mixing plant equipment.
Mixing station operator requirements
Small concrete mixing plants have low requirements for operation and maintenance personnel. The large concrete mixing station has a complicated structure and high degree of automation, and has high requirements for operation and maintenance personnel. Therefore, the operator of the concrete mixing station must be certified to work and operate in accordance with the standard to avoid the occurrence of production accidents.
Reducing the failure rate of the concrete mixing plant is started from the details. As long as you pay attention to each step of the work and increase the maintenance of the mixing station, the mechanical failure rate can be effectively reduced.
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