What if the mixer of the concrete mixing station does not start?

May 06, 2019
There are many kinds of failures in concrete mixing plants. The most troublesome thing is that the main engine is faulty. Because the main engine is the most important component of the mixing station, the failure of the main engine directly affects the operation of the mixing station, so it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible to reduce the loss. Below we explain to you the reasons and solutions for mixing the host can not start!
Symptom: Press the mixer start button on the console, the mixer does not start.
Cause Analysis:
1. The air compressor is not started or the air supply system pressure is not reached.
2. The mixing main unit maintenance protection switch and the keyed stop switch on the main unit are not connected.
3. The stop switch on the console is not reset.
4. The main power switch of the concrete mixing station is not connected.
5. The concrete mixing station host stop signal must be reset.
1. Check whether the compressed air detection signal (pressure signal greater than 0.4 MPa) is sent to the PLC, that is, whether I8.0 has a signal. If there is no signal in I8.0, check if the pressure of the air compressor is greater than 0.4MPa. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa or above, if there is no signal at I8.0, check whether the adjustment of the electric contact pressure gauge is normal or damaged until I8.0 has signal.
2. Check if the mixing host maintenance protection switch ON signal is sent to the PLC.
3. Check if the stop switch on the console is reset.
4. Check if the host power switch is turned on.
5. Check if the host stop button is reset.
It can be seen from the above that the operator of the concrete mixing station can not only deal with the mechanical failure in time, but also pay more attention to the work, so as to reduce the mechanical failure rate and thus reduce the construction loss.
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