What should you pay attention to when mixing concrete mixing plants?

May 20, 2019
The concrete mixing station is also constantly upgrading and upgrading with the development of science and technology. For the mixing station, the ingredients are one of the important tasks. Because the mixing work is done well, it directly determines the quality of the concrete produced by the mixing station, so it is stirring. What problems should I pay attention to when standing up?
1. Pay attention to the calibration of the batching unit during the use. For the same batching machine, different specifications of aggregates and different door opening degrees have different calibration factors. Therefore, when changing the aggregate specification and adjusting the opening of the door, the calibration factor corresponding to the batcher must be recalibrated. Especially at the beginning of the use, we should pay more attention to the calibration of the batching machine.
2. The batching unit of the concrete mixing plant equipment should always keep the aggregate specifications in each batching machine consistent. Inconsistent aggregate specifications will not only affect the fluctuation of the mix gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mix. Therefore, the management of the pile should be strictly strengthened to prevent the occurrence of mixing; at the same time, the loader should be carefully operated to prevent the occurrence of mixing.
3. Before the concrete mixing station equipment is turned on, press the “on warning” button to indicate the alarm. After the outdoor electric bell rings several times, it is determined that there will be no danger when the power is turned on, or it can be warned by the loudspeaker. . In normal production, occasional emergencies can also be warned in this way.
4. The ratio and moisture content of the stabilized soil mixture (mouth forming) mixed with the concrete mixing plant equipment can be determined by sampling analysis method, and then according to the analysis results, the batching machine and the water supply flow rate can be accurately determined again. Adjustment.
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