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    The prices varies depending on the configurations

    The price of the concrete mixing plant varies greatly depending on the configuration. The different material feeding and discharge methods (manual/automatic), and different discharge heights,which cause the same type of concrete mixing plant

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    What are the advantages and using range of the JS concrete mixer?

    In recent years, global economy has been rapidly expanding, the acceleration of infrastructure construction and the need for building materials have further affected the market of concrete mixing equipment. As concrete production equipment,

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    How to build a environment-friendly concrete mixing plant

    Energy conservation and environmental protection in the concrete mixing plant construction machinery industry is one of the tasks to be mentioned. Environmental protection must be checked when concrete mixing plant is built, it is also a bas

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    The Inspection Work Before Operating Concrete Batching Plant

    Before running the concrete batching plant , the main points to check as following: 1. The transmission of the mixing body and the supporting mechanism, the moving parts and the bins doors, the hopper door, the track and so on, make sure the

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    Necessity of Daily Cleaning for JS Series Concrete Mixer

    According to the comprehensive feedback of customers, the most popular problem in the use process of stationary concrete batching plant is that they do not clean the JS series concrete mixer in time after a day of work thus affecting the no

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    Ways to Improve the Production Efficiency of Small Concrete Batching Plant

    The production efficiency of small concrete batching plant can ba affected by many factors. In the process of production, it is necessary to exert the favorable factors and avoid the unfavorable factors so as to maximize the utilization of

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    What is the Difference Between Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants?

    Concrete mixing plant is the most widely used concrete mixing equipment. There are many different types of concrete batching plants in construction market. You need to know what is the main difference between these types before purchase. Ge

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    Selection Tips for Concrete Mixer

    Different concrete mixer machines have different functions, and different models have different disadvantages and advantages. How to choose high quality concrete mixer equipment is the key point to invest concrete mixer machine? This is a q

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    Matters needing attention before concrete mixer working

    1)Stationary concrete mixer need to be installed in foundation or chassis, and fixed with bolts.Mobile concrete mixer should be set up by four square timbers and make the body stable and firm without spring and tires force.Set up waterproof

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