Double Shafts Paddle Mixer

Double Shafts Paddle Mixer

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Brief Introduction:
Double-shaft paddle mixer is consists of two rotors with reverse rotation directions, welding many paddles in the rotor with different special angles. Paddles make the materials counterclockwise rotating along slot inner wall, and make materials stirring left and right. The overlapped area of two rotors makes a zero-gravity area, no matter what size, shape and bulk density materials are, they are even mixed in the mixer.
dry mortar mixer adopts the paddle structure. There materials can lose weight instantly at the critical parabolic rotate speed so that the best mixing effect can be achieved, and also the violent turnover speed shortens them mixing time to large extent. This machine is widely applied in the mass production lines.

 This machine is upgraded based on the traditional dual axle mixer to produce dry mortar. Zero gravity mixer mainly used in the producing of cracking mortar, insulation mortar, binding mortar, plaster mortar, floor mortar, medium and high-grade putty powder etc.

1. Wide Range of Application
Applicable to a wide range of industries for mixing, large effective volume; Can add a variety of liquids (such as water, molasses, oil, etc).
2. Good Quality
1)Smooth running, gentle mixing, without damaging the original characteristics of materials.
High Production Efficiency
2)Smooth running, gentle mixing, without damaging the original characteristics of materials.
3)Short mixing time (45-60 sec/bat), CV< 5%, small power consumption.


Item DWZ2000 DWZ4000
Discharge capacity (T/batch) 1.0T/batch 2.0T/batch
Mixer  cylinder volume(m3)m3 2.0 4.0
Mixing time  1.5-3mins 1.5-3mins
Motor power 18.5kw 37kw
Shaft rotate speed 43 r/min 25 r/min
Coefficient of Variation(CV) ≤5% ≤5%
Paddle blade type Detachable Detachable
Paddle blade quantity 2*14=28pcs 2*14=28pcs
Total weight 3.5T 6T
Overall  dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 2100*1800*1500 2100*3000*2000
Remarks Mixing cycle time depend on the material, if there is fiber in raw material ,then mixing time should be
about 3 minutes


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