U Type Spiral Ribbon Mixer

U Type Spiral Ribbon Mixer

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Brief introduction
U type ribbon mixer is a new and unique mixing equipment designed and produced by our factory . 
Adopting speed regulating motor power, the mix speed can adjust by the machine self, the mixer runtime can make the material for three dimensional motion,quick mixing, and effective clean dead conner and material also drum wall cleaning, can use in many field .
Working Principle
Adopting horizontal, different appearance design, internal use double deck cargo multilayer compound ribbon design. Horizontal direction is equipped with two or more screw ribbons with same transmission capacity, different screw diameter and rotational directions, usual when main shaft rotating, one screw ribbon  end the materials from left to right, the other from right to left. Thus material inside the machine convective mixing effect.
High mixing speed, mixing uniformity, no dead corner, less material residues.
Protect cover can open, convenient for material clean.
Widely apply :Not only for mixing strong scattered Materials, also for poor scattered and easy stick material .
Small area need .


Model  Output capacity
Mixing cycle time per batch Motor Power
Rotate speed
Overall Size
U2000 2000L 3-5mins 7.5 25 3.3*1.05*2.0 1300
U2800 2800L 3-5mins 11 25 3.6*1.2*2.1 2000


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