Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

Simple Dry Mortar Production Line

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Simple Dry Mortar Plant is used for producing dry mortar. Dry mortar is also called pre-mixed mortar, which made in the factory by precise batching and uniform mixing. It can be used directly just by adding water in construction site. It has different properties though adding different additives. The demand for dry mortar has increased rapidly due to its outstanding merit compare to the mortar production in job-site.
1. Adhesive mortar
such as ceramic tile adhesive ,filler, heat preservation multiplexed system use adhesive mortar, etc.
2. Rendering mortar
such as internal and external rendering mortar, lacquer putty, colored decoration mortar, heat preservation mortar, etc.
3. Masonry mortar
such as normal masonry mortar, concrete masonry mortar, heat preservation masonry mortar, etc.
4. Floor screed mortar ,such as normal floor screed mortar ,self-leveling mortar, etc.
5. Special mortar, such as mending mortar ,waterproof mortar, etc.
Function and Features
The conveying system, storage and automatic metering packing machine configuration based on single mixer. It realize the continuous feed, continuous mixing production line.
Feature of this simple dry mix mortar plant: covers an small area , less investment, quick refund, simple operation (require 2-3 people to operate), etc.
Applications and Advantages
Semi-automatic dry mix mortar production line is less than 3.5 meters, ordinary houses can be use as factory production, this solve the problems of traditional dry mortar production line has to increase height of factory. It realize manual batching raw materials, automatic mixing, automatic filling and packing at 15-50kg/bag adjustable, under a small investment, and less labor. It is one of the most simple and practical dry mortar production line.
Automatic feeding, weighing and packaging, height less than 4 meters, the 2-3 operators, the day capacity 30-60 ton.



Model Host Type Feed Screw Conveyor Second Lift Screw Conveyor Size of Storage Bin(mm) Automatic Valve Port Packing Machine Productivity
Power(KW) Size(mm) Power(KW) Size(mm) Power(KW) Packing Efficiency(s/bag) Size(mm)
GLHL1.0 Production Line GLHL1.0 3 Φ165X3200 3 Φ165X3000   Φ1600X2850 3 6 980*680*1050 2-3
GLHL2.0 Production Line GLHL2.0 4 Φ219X3600 3 Φ165X3000  Φ1800X2850 3 6 980*680*1050 5-6
GLHL3.0 Production Line GLHL3.0 4 Φ219X4000 4 Φ219X3300  2100X1320X2850 (double port) 3 6 980*680*1050 6-8


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