JZC300 Concrete Mixer with Lift

JZC300 Concrete Mixer with Lift

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Brief Introduction
JZC300 Concrete Mixer with Lift is a self-falling concrete mixer which is a double-cone type mixing drum forward mixing and reverse discharging. It can mix plastic and semi-dry concrete.The mixing drum of the machine is rotated by the ring gear. 
The user can dig a hole to fix the mixer; it can make the hopper orifice level with the ground.The lift hopper can carry the mixed concrete to 3-25m height. And you can adjust the ladder height in accordance with your actual need.
By this way, feeding will be more convenient and save more manpower.

Applicable to general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower projects and small and medium concrete component factories.
1. Save Manpower.
2. Reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, stable operation, simple operation, good mixing quality and high productivity.
3. Easy to operate and maintain.
4: Hopper lifting way:Tipper feeding.



Model JZC300
Feeding Capacity 480L
Discharging Capacity 300L
Productivity 9-12 m3 /h
Drum Rotating Speed 17 r/min
Max. Aggregate Size 60mm
Water Precision Error≤ 2%
Mixing Motor 4kw
Lifting Motor 5.5kw
Pump Motor 0.55kw
Lifting Height 3-25m
Dimension ( L×W×H) 2260×1990×2750 mm
Total Weight 1600kg


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