How to challenge the dust pollution?

Sep 01, 2017

Along with the deterioration of air quality in China, the trend is always obvious. Especially in recent years, our awareness of environmental protection has been enhanced. We are deeply aware of the hazards of air dust to our humanity. How to strengthen the control measures of dust in the concrete mixing station?
1. Dust control of concrete mixing station
Mixing machine and batching machine should be located in the enclosed stirring chamber, and also equipped with dust collecting facilities, special management, regular maintenance or replacement in time. The raw materials, ingredients and mixing equipment in the mixing layer must be fully enclosed. All the mixing stations shall be prohibited from stopping, removing and making the pollution control facilities in isle privately. In addition, the concrete discharge port of the mixer should be equipped with the facilities to prevent the concrete spraying. The waste residue on the ground should be cleaned in time to keep the cleanliness under the discharge port of the main engine and prevent concrete deposition.
2. Silo (bin) dust and its dust control
A closed bin shall be used for the powder material batching bin in the concrete mixing station. The pull-type dust removal facilities must be configured in the powder bin and aggregate bin outside the closed mixing chamber. The dust removal facilities need to be managed by a special person and regularly clean and replace the filter element (material) to ensure proper operation of the dust removal facilities. Establish the  operation management of dust removal facilities. In the powder silo(bin), there is no outlet to the atmosphere except the ash pipe and the dust collector. The blowing pipe should adopt hard sealing interface and must not leak. The powder silo shall be equipped with a sealed dust proof facility, and the feeding process should be monitored to prevent the powder leakage. The powder silo shall have the material level control system, and the bag powder can not be used.

3. Dust of the aggregate conveyor belt and its dust control
The material conveying pipe must be transported in a sealed space, and no outlet to the atmosphere during operation, and the dust leakage in the process of aggregate transportation should be eliminated. Dust collector should be equipped at the intersection of flat belt and oblique belt and the bottom of inclined belt.

4. Dust of the aggregate storage field and its dust control
In the concrete mixing station, the aggregates storage field should be closed except the vehicles, and the aggregate feeding, discharging, batching are completed indoors. The  vehicles entrance and the aggregate discharging area shall be equipped with the equipment such as dust removal or negative pressure dust collecting device. As far as possible avoid of breaking stone material and sieving gravel at the working site, if do need the field operation, it should be completed in the whole closed workshop, and the spray shower facilities to decrease dust or negative pressure dust-collecting device should be equipped. What’s more, the vehicles go in and out of the backstage all need to be cleaned by high-pressure to reduce the dust pollution caused by the vehicles.

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