How to choose the feeding method of concrete batching plant?

Feb 02, 2018
Hopper feeding is generally used to small and medium size concrete batching plant. Belt feeding is generally used in large concrete batching plant, especially HZS90, HZS120 HZS180, HZS240, what's the reason?

Belt feeding is to use the belt conveyor, the design is more complex than hopper feeding type, the cost will be relatively higher, but it can offer continuous feeding. Transmission distance is longer, can effectively improve the work efficiency.
Belt conveyor can well meet the needs of large batching plant, so the general large batching plant will choose belt feeding.

The hopper feeding is to use the upper hopper on the host to carry on the material. This feeding method is used in the small and medium concrete mixing plant, the size of the hopper is limited, and the quantity of materials to be loaded per time is certain. Hopper goes up through feeding track from the ground to the mixer, this requires a certain amount of time, thus overall hopper feeding speed is relatively slow, so it is practical and used in the small and medium size concrete mixing plant!

Although the speed of hopper feeding is slower, the cost is much lower than belt feeding.

Choosing the ways of feeding is mainly according to the actual circumstances of the mixing station, if you have any questions about the mixing plant or any inquiry, please contact directly.
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