How to deal with the belt slipping of Concrete batching plant in the rainy days?

Nov 29, 2017
For the belt feeding concrete batch plant, if the slipping occurs when the belt is under loading in the rainy day, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the construction. So, if we can avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon in advance?

First of all, find out the reasons for the occurrence of slipping in rainy days: rainy days, the moisture are in the aggregates and exposed parts of the belt are easy to be damp, make belt wet, especially the inner part damp. This will reduce the friction coefficient between the belt and the drive roller, the momental power of the roller passed belt is reduced, the torque is less than required to convey the material, the belt appears slippy.
The solutions as follows:
1, Increase the belt tensioner weight or tighten adjusting screw of the belt to increase the positive pressure between the belt and the roller, so as to achieve the friction between the drive roller and the belt.
2, Adjust the tension roller near the drive roller, increase the wrap angle of the belt on the drive roller, and increase the friction force.
3, Cut the straight slot on the drive roller cover to increase the friction coefficient.
4, As the first three methods can not solve this problem, you need to replace non-slip rollers.

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