How to maintain the common problems of concrete mixer tank

Dec 22, 2017
Q: How to maintain the common problems of mixing tank
1 abnormal sound problem of the mixing tank

First, the main reason for the abnormal of the mixing tank is that there is a serious friction or foreign matter between the blades and the inner wall of the tank during the use. The above foreign objects cause the collision during use, which increases the friction of the internal components of the mixing tank and leads to the generation of abnormal sound.

Second, the unreasonable position of mixing blades and tank wall can also cause a friction, resulting in mixing shaft can not be operated normally.

2 Method to solve the problem of abnormal sound

During the process of repairing the abnormal sound, the operator should clean the foreign matters in the mixing tank in time and remove the foreign matters which may affect the normal use of the mixer. Clean up foreign objects and adjust the gap in the mixing process, make an inspection on the overall effect of the mixer.
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