How to maintain the diesel concrete mixer

Sep 13, 2017
Here the diesel mixer means the diesel engine drum concrete mixer, this mixer is slightly different from general drum mixers, so it has a special protection method.

1. The diesel engine is very important. Because only in the case of electricity is not convenient, we use the diesel engine, we should always check and clean the diesel tank, replace diesel.
2. Regularly inspect the attachment of diesel engines.
3. Clean up the remaining material in the mixing drum after the mixing work.
4. Frequently check the mixing blades to confirm if there’s any damage.
5. When using, the diesel engine is hot, so it is better to put it in the ventilated place. Do not touch the diesel engine when the concrete mixer is working.
6. Avoid collide the mixer.
7. There is a belt in the diesel concrete mixer. Check the belt frequently to confirm its tightness and if it's damaged.

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